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desktop computer repair service navi mumbai

Exclusive Desktop Computer Repair Service

​If you use a Desktop Computer for Personal or Professional reasons, then you should be aware of the importance of Onsite Desktop Computer Repair Services when it breaks down.

As technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, Desktop PC and Laptops are regarded as one of the most important devices, containing all of our vital information, documents, and much more.

Microsys Computers is providing Exclusive On-site Desktop Computer Sales and Repair Service Facilities in Panvel - Entire Navi Mumbai up to Chembur to Customers since 2006. The company, backed by the best Certified Support Engineer / Technician, repairs all Computer Desktop and Laptop Models at a reasonable rate.

​Our Onsite Computer Repair Services is highly recommended by many clients in the market for their dependable on-site computer repair services, also by many google reviewers.

Book Exclusive Onsite Desktop 
Computer Repair Service

We offer Exclusive On-site Desktop Computer Hardware and Software Repair Services for the following problems:

  • Desktop Computer Booting Related Issue Troubleshooting

  • Windows OS Installation / Recovery Service

  • PC Repair Service and Solution

  • SMPS for Computer Sales and Repair Services

  • Doorstep Hard Drive Upgrade / SSD Upgrade Services

  • Windows OS Sales & Repair Service

  • Computer Formatting & Repairing Service

  • Computer Overheating Repair Service and Solution

  • UPS Battery Replacement Service

  • Desktop Computer Accessories Sales & Repair / Replacement Service

  • Desktop PC Motherboard Repair Service 

  • Computer Upgrades, Part Repair/Replacement Service

  • On-site Desktop PC Repair & Troubleshoot Service 

  • Desktop Hard Disk Related Issue solving 

  • USB Ports Issues Service 

  • Monitor - Display Related Issue Service

  • Overheating / CPU Fan-Related Issue Repair Service

  • Computer Power Supply Related Issue Repair Service 

  • Gaming Desktop Computer Repair and Troubleshooting 

  • Branded / Assemble Desktop Computer Sales & Service 

Computer Repair Service Near New Panvel - Navi Mumbai – Chembur:  We Specialised in Resolving Computer Booting Issues, Desktop Computer upgrades, Gaming Desktop PC Repair & Troubleshooting, Computer Assembling, All in One Desktop PC Repair, Hard Disk Upgrade, Computer Power Failure issues solving, PC Formatting, Motherboard Repair, Ram Memory Upgrades, CPU Related issue troubleshooting, Computer SMPS Repair & Upgrade, SSD Installation, Desktop PC Cabinet Upgrade & Replacement in Navi Mumbai. Microsys Computers provides high-quality and timely service to customers.

"Are you tired of wasting time and energy taking your computer or laptop to the repair shop just to save a few rupees? or to solve the issue quickly as possible at the shop?"


At Microsys Computers, we offer convenient on-site computer services that come right to you, saving you time and hassle.


Our rates are divided into two categories:

  • Hardware diagnosis/analysis/repairing


  • Software installation/virus or windows troubleshooting.

Hardware refers to the physical parts of a Computer System, such as the Hard Disk Drive, Power Supply - SMPS, RAM and Motherboard. 
If any of these components are not working properly, you may need to pay for a repair or replacement. However, if your computer system can be fixed through cleaning and servicing with
out needing any new parts, you will only be charged the service visit fee.

Note:- If after cleaning your computer, the system starts working smoothly and there is no part repair or replacement required, you just have to pay for the visiting/service charges... isn't it great?

Software reloading charges apply when your computer is experiencing software issues, such as operating system crashes or virus problems, booting issues due to application compatibility issues, etc.

In rare cases, you may be get charged for both when there is a hard disk replacement.

Rest assured that our charges are clear and straightforward. So Don't worry about hidden fees or unclear pricing.

Choose Microsys Computers for all your Computer Repair needs and enjoy the convenience of on-site service.

Call +91-9870100252 today to schedule an appointment or visit

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