Tired of Frequent Power Failure & Computer Data Loss

Tired of Frequent Power Failure, Could not save your Data?

Tired of Frequent Power Failure, Could not save your Data?

Frequent Power Failure? Losing Important Data? Spoiling Your Working Hours?

Here are few things which We at Microsys Computers observed while working, providing computer services across Navi Mumbai and New Panvel areas.

The reported problem at our office was that, The customer used to have crashing issues and the data was getting wiped / flash again and again, even once the hard drive been replaced.

Since the customer thought the service from some other company was not good, they decided to try our service and so we came to know about entire issue.

The common problem which we noticed is, many users don't take advice from an expert or taking advice from a non-technical person or a friend who does not work as computer hardware engineer in compute field. Also, many times end users avoid advice from professional tech guy due to low budget while buying computer, due to all such reasons the customer stay unhappy and always having some issue with computer in long term period.

So, What Are Those Missing Things Which You Can Avoid?

It's Simple... Buying UPS for a Computer!!! Now you may think what UPS can do?

It's An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device that allows a computer to keep running for at least a short time when incoming power is interrupted.

In market for Computers, you get Sine Wave UPS. This provides filtered uninterrupted electrical power output and keeps your computer running smoothly, also maintains the energy storage to due battery inside UPS.

When you get frequent power cut issues at your location, you don't get time to save your data, you loose your entire work and important files. Additionally, due to unsafe shutdown, the hard disk media gets spoil and Windows system files get corrupt. In hardware, you also loose hard disk in long term and other hardware components get spoil due to power fluctuations. When you add UPS for your Computer and Monitor, you provide pure sine wave power to it. In case you have power failure, the computer does not shut down suddenly and you get time to save your data. Also your computer hardware parts are saved due to sinewave power by UPS.

We always advise customers to use UPS for Computer. This solves many problem related to power failures. In case you wish to buy, you can purchase from our online store, the link is given below. The 600va model is advisable for standard desktop pc & 1000va / 1kva for gaming, high-end configuration pc.