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How to Share Broadband Internet Between Two Houses: A Cost-Saving Guide by Networking

Updated: May 11

In today's digital world, cost cutting has become normal practice,

We have seen it for services such as broadband internet connectivity.

Whether you are a hotel owner, managing many rooms or a homeowner trying to save money on broadband,

Sharing internet for two homes via networking or LAN (Local Area Network) can be a game changer.

Lan Networking
Engineers working on LAN

Consider the following scenario:

You own a hotel or a resort with several rooms.

LAN allows you to save cost by skipping the need for another internet connection in each room.

This means you only need one high speed internet connection for the entire property,

which saves you a lot of money every month.

In locations, such as Navi Mumbai, where the basic internet connecting gives speed of 20 Mbps for Rs. 400/- sharing internet connection becomes a cost effective solution.

Having many connections in close areas can result in heavy internet bills.

Also, sharing broadband across neighboring homes or flats is becoming more popular too.

Some home owners may find that they have very little internet usage, so they prefer share LAN.

If you are about setting share broadband internet between two homes, look no further.

Microsys Computers specializes in networking solutions as per your needs.

From Panvel - Entire Navi Mumbai - Chembur upto Wadala, we have you covered.

Contact at 9870100252 for LAN at your place & start saving on broadband internet bills.

Let Microsys Computers help you with your networking needs today!

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