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Is your laptop experiencing software or hardware issues or both?

Updated: Mar 30

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Have you ever experienced laptop hardware and software issues at the same time?

As a Computer Hardware Sales and Support Service Provider, We have observed while working in Navi Mumbai and nearby locations that many computer users getting into the reference of non-technical / inexperienced people and trusting their YouTube videos and not installing reputed good anti-virus license software. This leads to total disaster since there are high chances of losing files, getting network attacks, getting unknown system errors, etc.

Sometimes problems arise so high that the system can create a lot of confusing issues and the Computer Service Provider might have to spend more time solving issues which leads customers to pay higher service amounts along with necessary license software purchases.

So the point is not to skip any necessary tools that make you pay a high amount in the future.

We strongly believe that if you purchase a new laptop, then you should immediately install good reputed anti-virus such as Kaspersky Plus, Eset or Quick Heal to prevent future data loss, virus issues, network attacks, etc. Also, such Computer Systems were observed running smoothly after installing Kaspersky Plus when users allowed us to do what we requested them.

In case you are staying in Navi Mumbai, Panvel or somewhere near Mankhurd, Govandi, Chembur or Deonar and looking or onsite services, you can register/book your call online at

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