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Website for Linking ​Manufacturers Internationally

Project type

Business Blossoms International


Feb 2023


Navi Mumbai

I had the pleasure of designing a website for Business Blossoms International into Linking ​Manufacturers Globally, a company that specializes in linking manufacturers, exporters, importers, and end-users of cutting tools. The website was designed to provide a platform for the company's clients to easily access information about the products and services offered.

To achieve this, I created a simple and user-friendly design that reflected the company's brand identity. The website features clear and concise information about the products offered, easy navigation, and a contact form for potential clients to get in touch. Through this project, I was able to utilize my 10 years of experience in website designing and my expertise as a certified Wix website designer and Wix partner for over 6 years, to create a website that exceeded the client's expectations.

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