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Resolving Booting Issues and Data Recovery: A Tale of Power Supply and Hardware Quality

Updated: May 29, 2023

Booting Issues and Data Recovery
Booting Issues and Data Recovery

Discover how a simple hardware upgrade and diligent troubleshooting led to resolving booting issues and data recovery for a customer, highlighting the importance of high-quality power supply units and reliable service providers.

In this blog post, I will share a recent experience while working on a computer hardware service call. Join me as we explore how a customer's booting issue turned out to be more than meets the eye and how our expertise and dedication to quality hardware saved the day.

One day, we received a call from a customer residing near Deonar Village - Mumbai, reporting a booting issue. Upon arrival at their home, it became evident that the hard disk drive had failed, preventing the system from booting. Additionally, during my inspection, I noticed that the power supply unit (PSU), also known as SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply), was of low grade and required replacement.

Although the customer was hesitant to let us take their hard disk for testing or replace the power supply, we reached a mutual agreement. To resolve the issue, we proposed upgrading the hard drive to a new SSD. With the new SSD installed, the system successfully booted, allowing the customer to resume their work seamlessly.

Several months later, the customer contacted us again, this time seeking assistance in recovering data from their old faulty hard drive, which had been left unplugged outside their computer. Given the history of their system, we advised them to allow us to test the hard drive in our office to confirm if it had indeed failed.

To our surprise, the hard disk turned out to be healthy. It became evident that the booting issues and subsequent data loss were caused by the low-quality power supply unit (SMPS). We promptly informed the customer about the drive's status and recommended replacing the power supply unit to avoid future complications.

Understanding the importance of reliable hardware and our expertise, the customer agreed to our recommendations without hesitation. At the end of the day, we installed a new, high-quality power supply unit with a 500-watt capacity and reinstalled their old hard disk securely inside the cabinet.


This entire experience showcased the value of seeking professional assistance and the significance of using high-quality hardware. The customer realized that choosing us as their service provider ensured long-term benefits, unlike other providers who often prioritize cheap solutions without considering the overall quality and reliability of the hardware. By focusing on quality and providing honest recommendations, we were able to deliver an excellent customer experience and ensure the longevity of their computer system.


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