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Buy High-Quality 6 amp 3 Pin Extension Board with Anchor High-Quality 3 Switch and 3 Socket


Superior Socket Board Replacement

Upgrade your power solutions with our 6 Amp based 3 pin extension board, designed to outperform traditional spike guards. Each socket, button and 3 pin plug is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials from the renowned brand Anchor.

Say goodbye to unreliable power strips and invest in a durable, long-lasting solution for all your electronic devices.


Versatile Compatibility and Premium Construction

Experience peace of mind knowing that this extension board uses top-notch wire quality and is easily repairable for future use. Not only does it provide the best quality for your devices, but it also offers versatile compatibility. Use it for your computer, monitor, TV, printer, mobile charger, laptop adapter, and many other components. Whether you're working from home, gaming, or simply need to charge multiple devices simultaneously, this extension board has you covered.


Reliable Power Solution for Various Devices

Enhanced durability and performance

Convenient and safe power source

Compatible with a wide range of electronic devices

High-quality components for long-term use

Designed by a reputable brand in power solutions

Best in Price


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Note: This product can get repaired in future, no need to replace the entire extension board. This product also works long term comparing to other spike guards in the market.

Extension Board

SKU: 001
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