iBall 150M Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter brings the Internet to your desktop/notebook computer - wirelessly.
The small sized mini USB adapater may look like a pin but it does a job like a boss with fully loaded features that are easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the USB adapter to your system and instantly get into web surfing at an impressive speed of 150 Mbps.
iBall 150M Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter connects your system (which doesn’t have an inbuilt Wi-Fi driver) to the world of Wi-Fi. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, this USB 2.0 High Speed Nano Receiver allows the user to receive wireless signals from the farthest corners of your homes/offices.
With 150M Wireless-Mini USB Adapter, open the world of infinite possibilities.

Country of Origin - China

iBall 150M Wireless-N Mini USB Adapter

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