Why do Computer Experts say License Antivirus is important? Why License Anti-virus matters a lot?

Updated: Apr 30

If you will closely observe on any brand's website with a comparison chart then you will come to know that the license anti-virus/internet security software is having much better features comparing to the freeware anti-virus version.

Today's time using a computer without internet is just like no use of a computer,

also in today's digital world, it is not possible that we are not doing any digital transactions on a computer like paying Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Internet package payment, Mobile Bills, Money transfer!!!

So, Because of all this above activity using a license copy anti-virus which provides many features such as Firewall protection, Spyware & Malware attack protection, Adware protection is necessary. This feature keeps your computer running smoothly and it becomes a better option for the computer user to work smoothly. Such protection levels or features you will not get in freeware antivirus software.

We recommend Kaspersky Internet Security, ESET Internet Security, Quick Heal Internet security such kinds of good products should be as a minimum requirement for your computer system.

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