Hard Disk vs SSD Disk which is the better option?

Updated: Apr 30

What makes an SSD an increasingly so much popular choice of customers, IT Service engineers is the higher speed than a mechanical hard disk which is having a reading head, media known as a platter.

SSDs is having no physical moving parts like mechanical hard disk - HDD. This leads to a shorter wait time of data when you are starting up your computer and fewer delays when opening applications, doing any heavy computing tasks, or basically a data transfer.

Since SSD has no moving parts, it also makes it more reliable compared to older technology of HDD.

SSD's is having a 10x faster reading-writing speed comparing to mechanical hard disks. Generally, you can find 320GB and above capacity drives in the Indian market. Brands such as Samsung, Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, SanDisk, and Kingston is having good market hold due to reliable quality products and services. Today leading market players in Web / Cloud-based technology, The hosting space providers are already providing subscriptions of SSD Servers.

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Who is using SSD the most...

The answer is EVERYONE. Because this technology allows users to upgrade the older technology just by replacing Hard Disk, Nothing else.

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