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Total of 7 Sessions

Every Session of approximately

20 to 40 minutes.

Language - Hindi & Notes in English

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Computer Processor

Session 1

Introduction of Computer Hardware Components

  • In this session, we will introduce you with all Desktop Hardware Parts

  • Understanding about Computer Hardware Parts


Session 4

Testing Component and Computer Assembling

  • In this session, we will be showing you how to test computer  component, etc. before starting assembling job

  • Assembling the computer components with professional way

Session 7

Tips about what to carry in your bag

  • In this session, we will guide you about which kit is necessary to carry when you start going for fieldwork at your customer's place.


Session 2

About Voltages

  • In this session, we will explain to you about voltages

  • How to test voltages with Multi-meter

iball Stella cabinet.png

Session 5

Test Parts before and after

  • In this session, know the steps about What to do before installing parts in cabinet

  • Know the professional's assembling method

Electrician's Supplies

Session 3

Steps before starting any technical job

  • In this session, we will show you the steps which you have to follow before starting any PC technical jobs

  • Testing Main Electrical Supply - AC Voltage

Working on a Computer

Session 6

Installation and steps after OS is loaded

  • In this session, we will show one by one easy steps to load Windows

  • Know what things are required after Windows installation