Why Data Backup Should Be Taken On Additional Hard Drive

24 Jun 2022

Regular Data Backup or Data Recovery? What's Important for You? Losing Data or Saving It?

Why Data Backup Should Be Taken On Additional Hard Drive

Do you know that Frequent Power Loss can Lead to Data corruption? Especially when you are using desktop computer without UPS? or Laptop without healthy battery? Read more about UPS

In todays busy schedule we always forget or get tired to take few updated files copy in USB Drive, Pen Drive or in Cloud Storage as backup. Sometime we also make mistake by calling it backup, but not keeping similar data copy somewhere in other source which is called as mirror copy in separate hard disk.

Because of doing such mistakes we lose all the files and folders when our system is getting infected by latest virus, which takes time to get solved by many anti virus companies.

Also the above reason like not using UPS, etc will spoil your Hard Disk due to sudden shut downs.

Not coping data to additional external drive / source will be dangerous when some problem will happen with your system. Such as Hard disk failure, virus attack, windows file system corruption, etc.

The best solution for all issues will be keeping additional external USB hard disk to copy all your important data or cloud storage backup system or keeping file's extra copy in some other system. Also regular backup habits will be the best solution to prevent data loss.

We advise to take regular data backup before shutting down the computer everyday, also to use reputed license anti virus such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Eset Internet Security, Quick Heal.

The external backup - storage capacity is based on your total data collection / update requirements. You can calculate all important data size and decide which external hard disk or cloud storage size fits best for you.

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